Seishindo is located in the metropolis of Tokyo.

We're a company that prides ourselves on providing all processing from arranging animal hair to the final products.
Our paintbrushes are produced one by one by the craftsman in the workshop and are widely used by beginners and professionals.
Our handmade paintbrushes are made in a wide variety, varying from Menso-fude (the finest brush) to Hake (wide paintbrushes).

Seishindo Master
Yuki Abe

Seishindo has a rich history that dates back to Miyauchi Tokuou in the Meiji era. Miyauchi Tokuou was the founder of Japanese-style paintbrushes. Through his interaction with famous artists, he created the many kinds of brushes we use today. Present-day Japanese-style paintbrushes such as Choryu, Sakuyou, Tennen Sokumyo, etc were direct creation by Miyauchi Tokuou himself. Seishindo has inherited these techniques and traditions from the Meiji era and continues to provide excellent quality brushes for today's artists.

Tokuou Miyauchi
Seishindo first generation
Shinji Abe

  • Selection of materials

    Closely inspected and manufactured by skilled artisans,we use high quality fur.Especially goat fur where we go to the local location to select only the highest quality.
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  • Meticulous Preparatory Work

    Though the distillation process to clean and remove any bad hair,we improve the quality of the brush.
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  • Application of Special Manual Shaping Method

    We use a traditional process called "KegumiHou",hair binding method passed to generations from Miyauchi Tokuou.Depending on the brush's purpose,we use varying techniques and different animal fur.Because each brush takes time to manufacture,it is hard to mass produce them ,so we manufacture them at a gradual pace.
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  • Application of all procedures including handles

    We manufacture each of our product in our own company without dividing the labor.
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We have the ability to produce superior quality brushes as each artisan makes small amounts of various brushes to ensure fine craftsmanship.

Our products are reccommended by renowned art universities such as Tokyo University of the Arts, Tama Art University, Musashino Art University, Jyoshibi University of Art and Design.

We offer intensive lectures given by our instructors that help to familiarise and popularize our products for those interested in furthering their skills and talents.

「Succession of tradition and techniques」
「Bringing up skilled artisans」
「Revolutional paint-brushes that support contemporary artists」

We do our best to produce high-quality paintbrushes daily to achieve our philosophy.