1.Please discard celluloid cap after using the brush, as will no longer need it

A brush has a celluloid cap when you buy. As you don't need to use it once you started to use a brush, you can throw it away. We know some people prefer to use a cap to protect the brush, however it is not beneficial for the brush. It allows moisuture to settle and damage the brush. If you carry your brushes for schetching and use caps to protect your brushes, be sure to dry your brushes well and cut tips of caps by scissors for more ventilation to reduce moisuture.

2.Take off natural glue and soak in water before using.

Heads of new brushes are hardened by glue.Use after soaking in warm water and making them soft.As glue is made from natural marine alga, it is harmless to humans.
When you use a brush for the first time, permeate enough water when you take off natural glue.After that, put water colors after permeating water into the bristle for avoiding damage. If you dip your brush into water colors or Sumi(black ink) under dry condition, color stain stays in the bristle or colors become solid at the heel, and you can't use it longer.

3.Washing the brush often in lukewarm water or warmer water (40~60 degree celsius) is effective if you want to use the brush longer.

We removed oil by the process "Kemomi" to make it easier to contain water colors. It is not recommended to wash the brush with shampoo or conditioner because chemical contents may cover hair, damaging the hoding rate, paint color permeation,and feeling of drawing.

4.Please don't leave brushes in water for an extended time.

Rinse the brush, but do not leave it in water. Doing so causes too much moisuture, resulting in cut hairs. Not having the brush in proper form may cause the brush to lack in its full potential.

5.Remove extra water and dry with a towel.

As the heel of bristle is in a handle, and the bottom burned and tightened by string. If you leave your wet brush in a brush stand, water permeates to the botton of the bristle and string and damage and loosen, finally hair take off gradually.
You can get good effect by drying and hanging big brushes like Hake or Renpitsu after using. Take off cut hair by metal comb before using and keep hair straight, and feeling to your finger becomes better and you can use it longer.

Brushes are expendables, but with careful handling, it will withstand time. Instead of throwing away your brushes, we hope you can use your favorite brush longer with a good care.