Preparatory Work 0-1material selection

As each hair has individual character, we select materials at the stage of purchasing and before preparatory works.

Preparatory Work 0-2selection by length

Comb and take off unsuitable hair from weasel, goat, and cat, then select hair by length.

Preparatory Work 1boiling

Wrap the hair in a cloth and boil to straighten the hair. The ways of boiling each type of hair are passed down through generations.

Preparatory Work 2drying

Place the boiled hair on a net and allow it to drt for a few days.

Preparatory Work 3material after drying

The quality of natural hair after boiling is further improved.

Preparatory Work 4manually clumpling

Sprinkle with straw ash, remove extra fat by manually clumpling.

Preparatory Work 5straighten tips

Align tips of the hair first. As the tips of the animal hair are conical, it needs techniques to make it straight such as the goat belly hair. Particular skills and approaches are required.

Preparatory Work 6taking of unsuitable hair by Hanshi

Put a tool called Hanshi on the hair, and it will remove any unsuitable hair.

Preparatory Work 7wrapping by newspaper

Wrap the hair with newspaper.

Preparatory Work 8making it flat

Permeate natural glue made from seaweed through the hair and process onto hair board.