Manufacturing process1Hair Plate and Hake

Seishindo makes hake by using high quality natural hair. The grade of matericals utilized makes a big difference in the quality of a product. We prepare hair plate and hake plate by using Japanese cypress with the mixture of natural goat tail and goat belly hair. We specially process the procedure to firmly fasten the hair to ensure it`s quality.
Comparison between natural raw product and machine-refined product.

Manufacturing process2Glueing

Spread natural glue at the heel of the hair.

Manufacturing process3Binding

Put hair in the center of hake plates.

Manufacturing process4Binding by pressure

Press hake plate and hair plate tightly together.

Manufacturing process5Hake Binding

Before the natural glue hardens, close it with a needle and thread.

Manufacturing process6Lacquering

To complete, paint Japanese genuine laqcuer. Of course, the appearance of the brush and the fitting to a hand are ideal, and increase durability, preventing moisture permiating into the area by spreading natural glue.